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Unique belts with unique characteristics

When the absence of a splice is important (or if the splice on a belt is proving problematic), or if you need higher belt strength or wish to ensure continuous product quality, or if a belt needs to absorb moisture or extreme preciseness is required, utr men's tennis Beltech’s Endless Woven Belts are the right solution.,jurassic-park-in-telugu

  • Outstanding force / elongation properties
  • Operating temperature range: from -80 °C to 350 °C
  • Belt tension up to 450 N/mm
  • Belt speeds up to 20 m/s
  • Can be used on small pulleys and/or knife edges
  • Wear-resistance
  • Heavy duty applications

  • Standard Applications


    Our weaving facility can incorporate many natural and synthetic yarns such as cotton, flax, polyamide, polyester and aramid. Our coating processes deliver a wide variety of covers and profiles. The result: very high quality belting worthy of your business process.

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  • Custom made Belts


    No matter which industry, our seamless Endless Woven Belts can offer the right solution to meet your specific application needs and challenges. In those cases where a splice could be a potential risk or when you need uniform belt characteristics, our custom made Endless Woven Belts will do the job.

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