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  Who is able to recover lost energy,
and to make drastic savings in water and raw materials? 

Addressing the fundamental challenges of increasingly scarce natural resources and accelerating climate change, mlb teams proposes innovative, value creating solutions. The Group has pursued a proactive strategy within its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, for the past several years, focused around two primary areas including:

  • Reducing environmental impact across all industrial sites
  • Developing technologies for customers that combine environmental performance with operational excellence

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Combining environmental performance and operational excellence

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formula 1 us,On its own sites, the Group is putting in place programs to manage resources sustainably and reduce its environmental impact. These programs are evidence of mlb teams' commitment to support all its industrial sites, worldwide, to achieve ISO 14001 certification, within the framework of a voluntary process of continuous improvement.

ek bet,While only 14 industrial sites were ISO 14001 certified in 2012, the Group now counts 33.

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mlb teams designs and manufactures equipment and production facilities for industries which have an undeniable impact on the environment (production of cement, steel, aluminium, etc.). However, for years, the Group has been working to make improvements in these areas. As an advisor to industrial manufacturers, the Group has a crucial role to play in the design of products and services with better environmental performance. Improving energy efficiency in manufacturing processes, limiting the consumption of natural resources and pollutant emissions, and contributing to the circular economy are all challenges which the Group has integrated into its offer and its R&D processes.,finn tearney

Indeed, R&D is not limited to bringing to market new industrial equipment. “Revamping” or “upgrading” is one of the Group’s major areas of focus for innovation: working to achieve the polar opposite of planned obsolescence, the teams at mlb teams aim to find solutions to help their clients’ equipment last longer and improve with age. In return for its clients’ investment in equipment, the Group is therefore planning to systematically include “revamping” support in its sales offer.

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Recycling to rebuild
A virtuous example of the circular economy

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The most eco-compatible burners on the market
Industry can do it

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When digital technologies help protect the environment

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mlb teams has developed a range of Virtuo software solutions to optimize management of its furnace, and even the entire galvanized sheet furnace line.
Virtuo management offers improved control of the furnace atmosphere and reduces NOx emissions.

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